Monday, August 22, 2011

Gratz Park with the Attkisson Family

I've known Jennifer, now wife and mother of two, since we were in Kindergarten.
We were best friends through grade school, and although we ended up at different High Schools, we've stayed in and out of touch over the years.  I was at her wedding and she gave birth to her oldest daughter the day before I gave birth to mine. 
Here are some pictures of her family: husband Pat, oldest daughter Katie Grace,
baby Emily and Max the dog.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fretwork Bench

Yes, I am aware I have ZERO space for this bench, but I love it.
If you are in a smaller space, the lucite will help it not look so weighty (as some benches can), and the kelly green fretwork print
works well with it's clean lines.

The bench is from Circa Who.  I've contacted them several times to get shipping quotes on various items.  But they were so high, it just didn't seem prudent.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let There Be Light

Last week I had an electrician come and install a chandelier to hang over my dining table.  It looks great! and added some much needed light for when we eat or color (since we don't have homework yet!). 

Lighting is an integral part of design.  It can transform a room.  One of my biggest grievances is when a space has no lighting other than an overhead.  Besides the practicality of light, it has a big influence on the personality of a room.  If you are having an intimate dinner, you don't want a bright blaring light above your head.  If you are working on a project, you don't want a single lamp to provide all the light you need.  If you only have direct light sources, it makes a space feel dark and gloomy.  There are certain rooms you walk into that feel cozy and inviting.  A large part of that is the lighting.  Lighting is best done in layers, by varying light sources throughout the room.  This includes tables lamps, floor lamps, recessed, accent lamps, picture lights and pendants or chandeliers.  I would always install a dimmer with a chandelier.  You can brighten a dark corner or highlight a painting.  Lighting can also be a work of art. 
So take a look at what you've got and consider the mood you want to create.
For me, you could probably guess it's 'cozy'.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Downtown Girl

I love living downtown.  I've lived downtown or within walking distance since I was in college.  Granted, Lexington is not a "big" city in my opinion.  But I enjoy the energy and mix of people that surround us.  The house we just moved from was only a few blocks away, but I really like being that much closer to parks, the library and restaurants.  My favorite girl and I took a stroll last night...  

She loves taking pictures, just like her mom.

Rats! We missed the trolley!

Five going on Fifteen.

She fits right in, doesn't she?

This shot reminds me of Paris.

avoir un bon week-end!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Condo...

Ahhhh, finally settled in.  
I have to admit... I don't miss my house as much as I thought I would.  
Maybe because there are so many perks to condo living; 
it's made my life a lot more simple.  
We've truly been enjoying it.

The kitchen has a ton of storage and the large island is great for cooking and entertaining.

Lucy's bath, connects to her room.

Lucy's room.  Just had it painted light pink this past weekend. 
I'm really pleased with it, made a big difference.

Vintage green ceramic lamp from High Street Market.

Parsons desk from West Elm.

My favorite owl lamp from High Street Market.
Snakeskin tray from CS Post & Co.

Ordered 4 reproduction ghost chairs from Adele on S. Ashland.
The owners are always so kind and helpful.
If you've still not been, GO!  It's fabulous.

Parsons buffet from West Elm

These gorgeous lamps are of course from High Street Market.  
I think they look perfect here.
Greek key tray and glasses from Etsy.

Chiang Mai Pillows from Etsy.
Lucite coffee table from cb2.

My favorite piece of furniture, my antique chest.

Mirrored side table from Crate and Barrel.

LOVE my coral chairs from Ethan Allen.

Coziest bed EVER.

My all time favorite bedding from Kerry Cassill.

I heart the floor to ceiling windows.

Our patio.  Am anxious for the weather to cool so we can actually sit out there.

Rug is from Ballard Designs.
Love the graphic detailing around the edge.