Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New (Old) Dining Chairs

After moving into my new place, I was surprised as to how much 
I enjoyed sitting around my kitchen table.
Whether it was of course eating, working on my computer 
or chatting with a friend, I found myself seated there a lot.
I have always loved my ghost chairs, however mostly for their aesthetic.  
So you might understand how I longed for something a tad more 'cushy'.  
Several attempts at selling them on craigslist brought me in touch with
a furniture dealer who I sold all six of them to.

In the meantime, I'd been scoping out faux bamboo upholstered chairs.
The chinese chippendale's could break anyone's wallet,
and then I found these guys:
Faux bambou legs and a back with caning (love!)
Worked out a sweet deal with the seller and they were delivered eight days later.

SOMEbody was pumped!

Next on the list was new fabric (this stuff was straight from the 80's, yuk!)
I'd been eyeing some modern asian toiles and settled on
Waverly's Canton Bazaar.
It comes in four colorways (ebony, walnut, porcelain and laquer) 
This is the ebony with a coordinating gold pattern.
I thought I might pick a new fabric for my roller shades and one for the cushions.

I liked the ebony better on the chairs although it was too matchy with the table.

Then I tried the Porcelain.

Hmmmmm.....I likey......

Blue and White striped roller shades?
Too matchy....

Toile in windows, this on the cushions?
Yep, too matchy....

Trying to "envision" and the amount of duct tape I have 
to use, proves to be quite difficult.

Hark!  Maybe I'll keep my black striped shades and use 
the Porcelain on the chairs??

Yes....I think this might have been one
of my quickest decisions ever.