Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some of my Favorite Photos

I've had bad luck with any sort of technology lately.
ANY sort.  BAD luck.
The thing that upset me the most was breaking my camera and favorite lens.
So I'm sharing some of my favorite pictures from the past couple years
and celebrating the arrival of a new (upgraded) camera
that I should have in my hands tomorrow.
{{{Thank you VERY much to the person that is helping me}}}
The Derbyshire's
Lucy and Caroline (cousins)
Charlotte, Claire & Cassie
Lilly Bug!
Annie and Adam
Lucy and Dad
bodyfit PUNCH, my favorite gym
bodyfit PUNCH trainers
Jon Messick, crying from laughter, LOVE this!
Natalie and Karma
The Bender's

Three generations of awesome chicks
Kennedy and Cooper
Raya (RayRay to us)
Kieran, Gwen and Zoe
Dylan and munch munch
Forrest, Miana and Cecilia
The Luce
Lucy and Dad
The Tattoo <3

Please contact me if you need family, children or four-legged friend portraits!