Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home For Sale (sniff, sniff)

When my ex-husband and I got divorced, I was thrilled that we could work out an agreement where I was able keep our home.  It was my first - my dream home- that holds a thousand and one memories.  My beautiful daughter was born here and I have literally put my heart and soul into this house.  
It's not huge, an average 2100 square feet.  
It's not fancy, there's not a room we don't use or a piece of furniture you can't sit on.  
And almost every item in this home has special meaning.  
Photos, art, pieces of furniture.  
I can tell you where the sun rises and sets.  What floor boards creak.  Which rooms are the coolest and the hottest.  I can tell you which bathtub is more comfortable and how to fix the ice when it gets stuck in the ice-maker.  
Yes, I can tell you about every inch of this house.
I know that I'm not alone when I say that money is tight.  I'm having trouble paying my bills.  And it's taken me months to decide that I needed to sell.  I've shed many tears and on certain days, feel like my heart is being torn into tiny pieces.  Not everyone is as attached to their home like I am.....I know this.  But from the moment I took my first steps inside almost eight years ago, it had that felt...right.  
I knew it would be my home.
I know there will be other homes.  And I will pour the same kind of love into those homes that I did with this one.  But for now, just let me mourn.  Let me grieve.  
This house, 708 Franklin Ave., well..when I leave, I will leave a piece of me with it.  



Fabulous photos by Jody at Blue Shirt Photography
Listed on LBAR here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pink & Red

I like to think of myself as a 'girly girl'.  
And I'm happy to say that I think my daughter is following in my footsteps.   
ALL on her own I must add.  
Majority of the time, she will only wear dresses.  
And the more ruffles, lace, beads or sparkle, the better.  
So what color could be more girly than pink?  
Pair it with red and it automatically becomes sophisticated and unique.      

Ruthie Sommers and that fabulous sofa!

Love the pop of dark red velvet.

A light grayish blue is a great backdrop for pink and/or red.

So cozy.

Great rug and yellow lampshades.


Adore the red book shelves.

Beautiful headboard and coral stools.

PINK sofa. :-)

Light blue walls, red nail head twin headboards, 
striped black and white rug and a gold vintage bedside lamp.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


About a week ago I was driving down S. Ashland and practically slammed on my breaks because I spotted a new shop- Adele.  I didn't have time to stop then but I was able to go in and peruse yesterday.  The shop is amazing!!!  They carry home decor, jewelry, paintings from a regional artist, handbags, and gifts.  
They also offer design services.  
Lexington has not had a shop like this until now.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!
I bought these super cute salt and pepper shakers:

They have a page on facebook you can check out here
And just yesterday they started a blog
The shop is at the very end of S. Ashland across from The Dish.
I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Black Paint

I believe more people are starting to have an open mind about painting a space black.
I happen to love the color black.
Works well on furniture, in kitchens, as an accent, in artwork.  
It's classic and grounds a space. 
A misconception about painting a room dark is that it will look smaller,
when in fact it makes a room look bigger. 
Black is sophisticated, intimate and oh so rich

Black walls mix well with a warm colored wood
(like the antique desk and bamboo blinds).
I especially like that they painted the trim black.


 Black works best when it's paired with lighter colors to give it some contrast.

Fantastic mirror, lamps and a pop of color.

super for bathrooms.

Love everything about this room.

I am quite smitten with wallpaper...
makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in a little cocoon. 
The arrangement of art and photos above the bed makes the room feel so inviting.

So unexpected in a child's room.
You could also do black chalkboard paint.  (ANYwhere).

I became obsessed with this kitchen years ago when I saw it in Domino magazine.
The black walls, turquoise door and palm leaf chandelier are de-LISH!

Art really pops against black.

Looks like a velvet headboard and vintage side table and lamp.
Gold trim on the lampshade- nice touch.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Ultimate Luxury

If I had to pick the 'Ultimate Luxury' for my home, it would be a fireplace in the kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home; and to be cooking, eating
and chatting with family and friends seems like *heaven* to me.  
I am a cancer, the sign of water.  But nine times out of ten
I would choose a warm fire over water.     
If we are talking levels of coziness, one being the least and a ten being the most, 
a fire anywhere in the home is an eleven

Would want to do something different to the wood cabinets, 
but I love that the kitchen and living space is so open to one another.

Drooling over this space...

Have a good weekend!