Friday, September 28, 2012

discovered: House of Fifty

This morning I happened upon this online shelter magazine, House of Fifty.
The premier issue was published in Summer, 2011.
I looked through a few of the issues and was
pleasantly excited to find that I really like it.
You can purchase print copies (like you can at Lonny),
and I so desperately want to own them all.

premier issue.

dreamy blue chairs.

love: entire space.


does a cozier headboard exist?

I really dig the short curtains although I can't convince anyone else.  
(note to self: do an entire post on them...)

DIY tutorial.

and there is a crazy amount of cool art in every issue.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finishing the Attic with Bunk Beds and a Playroom.

Imagine if you had an entire second floor or attic
of your home, unfinished, with two big rooms
and darling dormer windows.
The entire space needs minimal work and your growing daughter will soon need a place for her and her friends to play and (stay up) all night.
Would you go with bunk beds or twin beds?
I love both...

There are so many directions you could go,
and whatever you decide, it will definitely be an adventure!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Small Projects

I've done a few projects around the house lately
to keep my 'decorating itch' happy.

I covered this dining chair I keep in the kitchen with a vintage pink bamboo fabric.  Found it for $5 on etsy!
I like the pink against the dark wood.

(and of course all things bamboo...)

I had a few small blank canvases and painted this
little guy for my bookcase.

This chair was loaned to me by a friend to put at Lucy's desk. 
She has the same one at her daughters desk.
And since we have eerily similar taste, we both chose this left over
striped fabric I had to cover them with.

Bench in the hallway that I can't find any 'before' pictures of.
I found this fabric at JoAnns for around $5, $8 tops?
Very cool dragon print. 

Spray painted these knobs a bright gold. 
(much better!)

And I have plans to trim the bench in brass nailheads at some point...