Thursday, June 30, 2011

Packing Up

It's hard to believe that moving day is tomorrow. 
It's been an overwhelmingly stressful ordeal to pack and purge
all the 'stuff' I've accumulated over the years. 
My mom has been beyond helpful. 
She's been at my house daily: packing, organizing,
meeting delivery folks, helping me with a yard sale. 
And when I break down and cry, she's just 'there'.
I can't think of a way I could ever repair her. 
Although apparently...that's just what mom's do.   

It's going to be me and you Luce...

All my beautiful framed photos are now in boxes.

While my body aches with the feelings of intense loss,
I am certain I will cry myself to sleep tonight.

As I get settled, I will be on a short hiatus. 
Once my computer is up and running again, will post pics of our new home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Like Ever

For those of you that like totally adore the 'For Like Ever' poster, it's now being
sold on a new site and in several different colors. 
You can purchase them here, on Super Rural.

My first spotting was here:
Premier issue of Domino magazine.

Some of the new colors...
Bright blue.


Used to print one in gold, but not anymore.


And this 'Spring Green' color. (not a fan)

My favorite?  Still pink!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fifth Wall

A common question: should we paint the ceiling?
Designers often call the ceiling a 'fifth wall'. 
Some think that a white ceiling looks like a sheet was thrown over it.
Personally, I love a painted finishes a room to me.
But in the end, it's completely personal preference.
Should you decide to paint your ceilings, I hope this gives you some inspiration:

Generally, a ceiling painted a lighter color than the 
walls will allow your eye to pass upward without 
distraction and give the impression of a larger space.
Try going at least 50% lighter than the walls or 4 shades lighter on the color wheel.

Pink creates a warm and intimate room. 
A lighter shade of pink goes on the ceiling.

The white molding creates a break between the 
orange walls and the wheat colored ceiling.

So sophisticated.

Airy blue ceiling.

 Robin's egg blue.

Love the black walls and light gray ceiling.

The ceiling in this kitchen is a lighter shade than the walls.

With pale blue on the walls, the ceiling was painted neutral.

Cozy bedroom...

Have always loved this room from the days of Domino.

Very inviting.


Light walls with a dark ceiling can often push the walls away.  
It can be quite dramatic; bringing the ceiling closer to the floor 
and causing the walls to recede.

 Great pop of color.

One of the BEST children's room.

Wallpaper is another option. 

Darling for a little girls room!

Of course I would love a black ceiling.  It's sublime.

Love the paisley wallpaper.

Bathrooms are a great place to experiment with color.

Or wallpaper.

Fun for an office.

Lovely kitchen.

Will be packing for my impending move over the next few days.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chiang Mai Dragon

I did it.  I joined the club.  The Chiang Mai Dragon club.
And yes, I'm very happy about it!
One of the most-loved designs by F. Schumacher
Chiang Mai Dragon, comes in a several different fabric and wall covering options.
The first time I saw it in Domino magazine, I was hooked. 

The fabric on these chairs were covered with vinyl- how clever.

Chippendale chairs.

Upholstered headboards.

Upholstered chair.

Love the ottoman.



Fantastic entryway.
Here are my two beloveds. 

Up close- so handsome.