Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hallway Decorating Ideas

Once I finish a project, I'm already brainstorming and ready to start on the next one.
I have a nice long hallway that will be perfect to do something FUN!
I'm excited and a tad overwhelmed because there are so many options.
Wallpaper would be my first choice, but since I rent,
I want to keep things inexpensive and relatively easy.

can you say amaze-statment?

one of all time favorite wallpapers.  

There are so many great things you can do with
washi tape or vinyl stickers, so it's currently the route I'm leaning towards....

What IS washi tape?  It's high grade masking tape originating from Japan.
Washi tape can be used on anything!
It's low-adhesive which makes it easy to use and re-use.
It comes in different widths, colors and patterns.

washi tape
vinyl kitties!
pretty sure I could do this with a sharpie...
washi tape?  even love the color.
currently my front runner.....

easy peasy.
this was done with a sharpie.  (my favorite art supply).
I plan to hang some photos along the hallway (and who knows what else).
Looking forward to share the finished product!