Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy New Year?

Because yes.  It's been that long since I've attended to my blog.
Lot's of things have happened since last year, mainly another move for Luce and I.
I can't think of many things worse than moving.
The packing, the purging, the boxes, the stress.
I loved our condo: modern, safe and convenient.
But I happened upon an apartment 
that would help save me money and I pounced.
Not to mention it's more my style. 
An older building (in my old neighborhood- yay!),
beautifully renovated with the original floors and fireplaces.
Lucy's new bedroom is twice the size and mine is larger as well.
And there are all new windows.  

That's right.  I said: All. New. Windows.

Now, hear me out......I love the charm and the waves you
can see in the glass of an old window.
But if I had to choose between a drafty window with broken ropes
(there were pieces of wood in half the windows of my old house to help prop them open)
or new ones that always opened smoothly while allowing the
breeze to drift through the front door to the back of the house?  
Say no more.

With a new place comes new ideas, fabrics and all around obsessing.
I took a few pictures of my bedroom and the hallway.  
It's always about the bedding for me, isn't it?
I'm sorry, I can't help it.  It's my sanctuary, isn't it yours?

I added black grosgrain ribbon to the edges of my ivory curtain panels.

I plan to hang a light weight faux deer head or mounted antlers above the mantel.

I found this desk at Scout Antiques for a seriously reasonable price.  
The top is marble.

The foyer once you step inside the front door is huge.
(Aren't those little hummingbirds cute?)

I'll add more photos as rooms become 'finished'.