Monday, February 28, 2011

Enter: My Bedroom

Anyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE bedding.  I think it's because the look of the room can be easily changed by switching out something as simple as the pillow shams.  There were years I got new bedding every six months (I was also making more money!).  However, the past few years I've used the same quilt and shams.  Because I really liked them... and I had trouble finding something I liked as much, if not better. 
A few months ago I ordered 2 euro shams from the Kerry Cassill website to see if I'd like them as much in person as I did online.  I of course did, and that's when I called the store and asked them to help me coordinate a quilt and standard shams.  I never thought of myself as a 'purple' kind of girl.  But the girls at Lala shipped me a  grayish-lavender quilt which looks fantastic with the brown walls.  The quilt is sooo soft and cozy.  And I kept the 3 pair of standard shams so I can swap at my discretion.

I found this pair of alabaster lamps at a local consignment store, Room Service.  I had them rewired and new lampshades made.  They are my absolute favorite find to date.


Kerry Cassill

I have been drooling over Kerry Cassill fabrics for years now.  I remember seeing the gorgeous layers of quilts, shams and sheets for the first time on the cover of Country Home magazine, circa 2005:  

Since then, I have been trying to figure out how to order her bedding and with so many fabrics to choose from, how do you pick??

(fall 2010)

The store she owns is called Lala and is located in Laguna Beach, CA.  You can purchase a handful of things from her website Kerry Cassill, but a few months ago I took the plunge and called the store.  I told them what color my bedroom was and the euro shams I wanted to work with.  The girls there are fantastic!  They quickly mailed me 2 different quilts and 3 sets of pillow cases to coordinate.  I ended up keeping all but one quilt.  Everything was even more beautiful in person.

Fabrics from her new spring and summer line:

(spring 2)

(spring 3)


You can follow her on facebook in one of two places:

Last week I spied this living room with upholstered furniture in none other than:
Kerry Cassill.  LOVE IT.

(images from kerry cassill)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have no idea what I'm doing!

So I've wanted to start a blog I am!  Am holding out hope I can figure this out either on my own or with some help.
Wish me luck!