Monday, February 28, 2011

Enter: My Bedroom

Anyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE bedding.  I think it's because the look of the room can be easily changed by switching out something as simple as the pillow shams.  There were years I got new bedding every six months (I was also making more money!).  However, the past few years I've used the same quilt and shams.  Because I really liked them... and I had trouble finding something I liked as much, if not better. 
A few months ago I ordered 2 euro shams from the Kerry Cassill website to see if I'd like them as much in person as I did online.  I of course did, and that's when I called the store and asked them to help me coordinate a quilt and standard shams.  I never thought of myself as a 'purple' kind of girl.  But the girls at Lala shipped me a  grayish-lavender quilt which looks fantastic with the brown walls.  The quilt is sooo soft and cozy.  And I kept the 3 pair of standard shams so I can swap at my discretion.

I found this pair of alabaster lamps at a local consignment store, Room Service.  I had them rewired and new lampshades made.  They are my absolute favorite find to date.



  1. It's gorgeous, Crissi! I wish you could come help me with my house!

  2. Love Love Love. I'm going to look LaLa up to fix my bed. I can't seem to figure out how to make my shams, quilt and pillows to work. Your blog is going to be awesome!