Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Decorate a Staircase Wall

The idea of decorating a staircase wall can be daunting.  
More than likely it is very large and to make things more challenging...on an angle. 
As an 'amateur' photographer, I generally lean towards a picture wall.  
However! It's not you're only option.

Art, prints, this.

Imagining this took forever to hang, but it looks great.
Especially with the runner.
You could hang 4-6 framed prints, same size, same frame at an angle in your stairwell.

Frame and hang your children's art.
And I love the children's photo's in color.

Lot's of small framed art.



So unique, love that the frames are touching one another.

Mixture of art and b&w photos.

Large silouettes!!

Tons and tons of art.

I think it would be fabulous to have 10-12 large silouttes framed and hung together.

Framed wallpaper!

Inexpensive way to fill a big space.  Hang the wallpaper and frame it with molding.

Love this.

Antique frames filled with wallpaper for art.


  1. Love this post Crissi!!! I especially love the very first photo!!!!

  2. Christine, I don't know you, but love your vision! What would you suggest for a stairway that is walls on both sides? I have a stairway as soon as you enter the foyer and I'm thinking this 'gallery' look would be way too much to greet someone on the way in... at least on both walls!

  3. I have the same question as Amber. And if you do only one wall, do you do the outer or inner walk?