Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Be Good to Yourself

My very special Aunt Mary used to say this to me, to everyone: Be Good to Yourself.  She passed away several years ago and now my mom reminds me of this.  Weekly, if not daily.  "What would your Aunt Mary say?  Be Good to Yourself!" 
A couple of weeks ago my mom handed me a white hooded sweatshirt and said,
"This was your Aunt Mary's, wear it and think of her. 
Wear it when you're sad and imagine her hugging you. 
Wear it to keep you warm. 
Wear it and let it remind you to Be Good to Yourself."  
Sometimes it's hard... there is not enough time in the day, you're tired,
you feel that you don't deserve it, there are more important things to do.  
But if you're not good to yourself, who's going to be?  
If you're not sure how to be good to yourself, think about what
makes you happy.  What gives you peace?  Helps you relax?  Let's you escape? 
My Aunt Mary was a wise woman.  Not only did she give me that advice,
my therapist gives it to me as well.  And I'm pretty sure my therapist paid good money and went to school for many years to be able to tell me that. 
When Mary was giving me that advice for free??
I would love to write an entire post dedicated to my Aunt Mary.  When I started this blog, my biggest fear... or concern, was my ability to write.  I struggle at being articulate.  I don't think I could do Mary justice by trying to convey how loved and cherished she was.  Instead, I can tell you about the things I do to "Take Care of Myself", and how they make me think of her while I whisper thank you in my head. 
Taking a hot bath
Reading a book
Going for a bike ride
Getting a massage
Taking a nap
Doing whatever I want for an entire day
Being alone and quiet with my thoughts

I love and miss you, Mary. 

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