Thursday, June 30, 2011

Packing Up

It's hard to believe that moving day is tomorrow. 
It's been an overwhelmingly stressful ordeal to pack and purge
all the 'stuff' I've accumulated over the years. 
My mom has been beyond helpful. 
She's been at my house daily: packing, organizing,
meeting delivery folks, helping me with a yard sale. 
And when I break down and cry, she's just 'there'.
I can't think of a way I could ever repair her. 
Although apparently...that's just what mom's do.   

It's going to be me and you Luce...

All my beautiful framed photos are now in boxes.

While my body aches with the feelings of intense loss,
I am certain I will cry myself to sleep tonight.

As I get settled, I will be on a short hiatus. 
Once my computer is up and running again, will post pics of our new home.

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