Monday, August 13, 2012

Lulu- My Six Year Old's Bedroom

When I found our new place, there were two fantastic bedrooms.
One was quite a bit bigger and had four gorgeous windows.
As much as I wanted that big bedroom, I thought it would be nice for Luce and her friends to have a large area to play in.  Especially since her bedroom in the condo was so small.

Yes, there is enough room to include a super cute peacock blue velvet settee.

Beautiful tiled fireplace.
Gi-normous dollhouse.

uh, yes.  That is my West Elm Parson's desk.
Didn't fit in my bedroom, so the lucky girl gets to use it.

Picture of me when I was little.

Picture of Matt when he was little.

Still one of my favorite pieces of art.  
Custom made for Lucy (those are paint chips!).
See the cafe 'a La Lucy'?  
As in my favorite restaurant.

Luce does in fact appreciate and is very proud of her bedroom.
She loves having friends over.
{{Love that girl}}

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