Monday, April 15, 2013

Chevron Curtains

Just when I thought the craze with chevron was coming to an end,
I decided to hang 6 curtain panels with this pattern in my bedroom. 

Since Lucy and I switched bedrooms, I now have four windows instead of two
and the four ivory panels I had used were no longer working for me. 
Luckily, my parents needed to update their curtains as well,
so I upcycled those and got these to replace them.

I had seen these posted on another blog, they were from Hobby Lobby.
I've never even been in a Hobby Lobby, but they were very inexpensive ($30/panel)
and thought they would give my bland bedroom some much needed energy. 


Taping the folds with duct tape so they will stay in place.
Yes, I use duct tape for EVERYTHING.

After a few days of being hung and taped, I was really excited with how they turned out.


And so my crush on chevron continues....