Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet My New Design Partner...

She's only 6 but already has a great eye for design.
Although I am possibly the worlds worst blogger, this sweet little face
has convinced me that we should start our own business.
In fact, we already have our first client! (projects coming soon)
All we need to do is finalize a name; here are a few we've tossed around:

Lulu Designs (my fave)
lucyellen design (Lucy has vetoed)
White Design
CL Design
LC Design

((Comments and/or suggestions are welcome))

While antique shopping, Lucy bee-lined to this reupholstered
Milo Baughman sofa that I would love to replace my red one with.
Did I mention she was 6?

A couple of weeks ago on a rainy Sunday, we decided
it would be fun to switch bedrooms. 
I moved a-lot-o furniture that day.

Good-bye 'old' bedroom.

(oy vey)

Hello 'new' bedroom. Will post more pictures when I have some good lighting.

I've been working on a few things around the apartment.

I wanted to update my very plain bathroom with some ribbon and an antique rug.
For a few dollars, I could add a 
greek key pattern onto my Target shower curtain.

I used 2" wide black grosgrain ribbon and some tape to hold it in
place while I laid it out before I glued it down.
I use Liquid Stitch so there is no sewing!

Quite happy with how it turned out.

I love paint by numbers. 
I found this for $6, it was already set in a plain wood frame.
I used some black laquer spray paint on the frame and a gold leaf pen on the
very inside of the frame and now I "super" love it.

Oh, and I am obsessed with my gold leaf pen.
This gorgeous golden used to be in a wooden frame as well.

Adding gold leopard spots to a plain white dish suddenly goes glam.

An Eiffel tower that used to be white?  Now it's gold! 

A $3 there are polka dots!

Another chevron!

Another paint by numbers in a wood frame?
Not anymore!

And who knows what else will be gold leafed by next week?!

Looking forward to our new venture, please keep us in mind if you need help decorating.


  1. Lulu Design!!! I think a business is a great idea for you. You have so many great design ideas, it would be a shame not to share them.

  2. I love Lulu Design!!! Super cute blog! You are so creative!