Friday, September 30, 2011

Home is the Most Important Place in the World

I fell in love with this print.  Probably because it's my sentiment exactly.
I found it on etsy from The Ink Society
They have a lot of sweet prints to choose from.

I had it framed in gold bamboo by Picture Perfect Custom Framing.
(sorry for the yellow cast in the photo)

If you haven't heard of or been to this frame store in Lexington, please check it out.
They have a huge selection of beautiful frames at affordable prices.
The owner, Gerald Hoovermale, is super helpful and does a great job.
I think about 90% of my artwork has been framed at Picture Perfect.
They are located on the corner of Clay and Euclid.

Whatever you are looking for, they'll have it, plus about 20
other options in the same color or style to choose from.

I'm currently obsessing over this frame, love the fretwork!

~Have a good weekend~

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  1. Hey, from your earlier posts, I actually know what "fretwork" is. Thank you!