Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wine Stool

I'd like to dedicate this post to my mom and to Jimmy.


One of my all time favorite things to do is to take a hot bath.  
I would take one every single night if I could.  
When I step into a bath and let the hot (the kind of hot that makes your skin turn red) 
water rush over me, I completely relax.
This might seem strange to some, but this is where I read.  
And I lay in the bath so long, the water is cold by the time I get out.
So what's the only thing that is missing?  
A glass of wine of course.  

When I first looked at the condo, I thought "cool bathroom"!
Loved the glass doors and subway tile.

There were a couple of things I didn't take into consideration.  
First of all, cleaning those glass doors is going to be a bitch.
And because of the metal piece the doors slide on, there was no ledge to set my glass! 

Here, take a closer look.
At this point, I'm getting concerned.

I didn't want to set my glass 'inside' the doors, but as you can see, 
there's not even any room if I wanted to.


So I did what I thought was my only option.  Set the glass outside of the tub on the rug.
I took two baths like this, and lemme tell you, it was NOT comfortable.  I realize this is going to make me sound entirely lazy.  But when I'm cozied up in the bath, I don't really like to move.  I like my book and wine within arms length.  When I set my glass outSIDE the tub, I had to sit up and and stretch my arm over that stupid metal piece and it hurt.
Then, it came to me.  You guys are going to like this.  I needed a stool high enough to set next to the tub so that I wouldn't have to sit up and I wouldn't be hurting my arm anymore.
Now, I couldn't use just any stool, it had to be stylish.  
It took me a couple days to find it, but I did, and I love it!

It's bamboo!  

Brilliant, I know.

And hey, if you've had a bad day?  There's room for the whole bottle!

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