Sunday, September 4, 2011


A vignette or table scape is simply: a grouping of objects.  
It's a great way to add zing to your home and  let your personality shine.  You can make a vignette anywhere there is a flat surface- a table, desk, bookshelf, window ledge.  
Use anything you like...framed photos, greenery, vase 
(with or without flowers), books, mirrors or personal objects.  
You'll want to place your vignette next to a light source so it can easily be seen.  Use objects in odd numbers, 3 or 5 work best.  Vary the height of the objects.  Also vary the textures such as something shiny next to a weathered object, a piece with straight lines mixed with 
something natural like a bouquet of flowers.  Layer the objects.  
If a table is against a wall, prop something against it like a mirror or a piece of art.  
I prefer to use things that are meaningful, 
like a vase filled with shells my daughter found at the beach.  
Obviously, framed photos of my daughter and my family.  
Whatever you create will be uniquely yours. 

This is one of my favorites because I am a cancer, sign of the crab. :-)

This is a table in my condo.  Lucy picked out the turtle because she can store tiny little things inside it.  And the small framed watercolor is called 'Angel Lucy'.
Although I am divorced, I keep several photos of Lucy and her dad throughout our home.  I think it's important and I'm grateful that Lucy sees us having a good relationship.

Photo of my grandparents on their wedding day.  Horsey coasters given as a gift.  
Vase filled with shells Lucy found at the beach.  
I recently bought the black and white spotted coasters because they were so cute!

Vintage staffordshire dogs, a silver pedestal bowl with more shells and a photo of the Luce.  
Most of the photos I have displayed of Lucy were taken by Sarah Alair Photography.  
She's fantastic and has a really neat story about how she got into photography.  
You can also look her up on facebook.

On my nightstand lies my bible: Domino's book of decorating.

One of my favorite spots, my desk.

One of my most memorable trips was going to Paris.  And one of my favorite gifts ever! 
is a bedazzled measuring tape.  My friends know me so well. 

And there sits my most recent love affair, my mac.

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