Thursday, September 22, 2011

'I'M A GIANT' Blog Challenge

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  All too often, time escapes me!

So, I don't usually enter 'contests' or 'challenges',
but I think I'm going to make an exception. 
About a month before we moved, I temporarily lost my mind and
bought a gi-normous dollhouse for Lucy.  I knew we were moving to a condo
and it seems I kind of forgot the condo is half the size my house used to be.
And so it sits in the middle of the floor in Lucy's room...... 

I found it at a yard sale and Lucy fell in love with it.  (What's a mom to do?)  
I asked my neighbor if he could bring it home in his truck
and it took two of us to carry it inside. 
It's about 30 years old and has electricity.

Earlier today, I found out about the first annual
'I'M A GIANT' dollhouse decorating challenge.
You can read about it from Emily Henderson here.

The team at Lonny decorated a dollhouse last year and it was fantastic!

Emily has asked some other amazing designer/bloggers to participate and
anyone else who's interested, can enter.
They are going to try and post updates weekly.
And although I'd like to say that I will, won't make any promises.
Regardless, I'm excited to make a go of it!

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