Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home For Sale (sniff, sniff)

When my ex-husband and I got divorced, I was thrilled that we could work out an agreement where I was able keep our home.  It was my first - my dream home- that holds a thousand and one memories.  My beautiful daughter was born here and I have literally put my heart and soul into this house.  
It's not huge, an average 2100 square feet.  
It's not fancy, there's not a room we don't use or a piece of furniture you can't sit on.  
And almost every item in this home has special meaning.  
Photos, art, pieces of furniture.  
I can tell you where the sun rises and sets.  What floor boards creak.  Which rooms are the coolest and the hottest.  I can tell you which bathtub is more comfortable and how to fix the ice when it gets stuck in the ice-maker.  
Yes, I can tell you about every inch of this house.
I know that I'm not alone when I say that money is tight.  I'm having trouble paying my bills.  And it's taken me months to decide that I needed to sell.  I've shed many tears and on certain days, feel like my heart is being torn into tiny pieces.  Not everyone is as attached to their home like I am.....I know this.  But from the moment I took my first steps inside almost eight years ago, it had that felt...right.  
I knew it would be my home.
I know there will be other homes.  And I will pour the same kind of love into those homes that I did with this one.  But for now, just let me mourn.  Let me grieve.  
This house, 708 Franklin Ave., well..when I leave, I will leave a piece of me with it.  



Fabulous photos by Jody at Blue Shirt Photography
Listed on LBAR here.

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  1. Beautiful home and beautiful post. Thank you for opening your heart and being so honest with what was in it. I hope you and your sweet girl are so happy in your new space.