Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm really excited to be helping one of my best friends
design and decorate a couple rooms in her house!
I've been brainstorming the past few days and here are
some of the pieces I've been mulling over.
In her TV room, the sofa currently sits against a wall that has windows covered with plantation shutters.  I'd like to pull the sofa out a bit and put a console table behind it with two lamps and hang some graphic drapery panels on the windows.
Option for a console table.

These lamps would be a good possibility. 
(I would put black shades on them).

Love these. 

Or these.  They are stunning.

Another option for a console table.  Lucite!

Found these inexpensive gems at my new favorite store, Circa Who.
Probably use black shades.

Liked these as well. 

I think the room needs some curtain panels with a simple pattern.
Would like to tie the dark brown in somewhere.

This would be a great piece to use somewhere. 

For the living room, a new rug with either a bold pattern

A neutral sisal.  If you went with a neutral rug, you could do a
really fun print with the sofa or chairs (or both).
Have loved this coffee table for a looong time.  I think the living room will need something round since it currently has a lot of edges.  The modern chrome and traditional marble top creates a classic look. 
And from cb2, the price is always right.
The dark wood could work just as well.  It would also help ground the space. 

I could see this lamp in a corner of the living room.  lalala love it! 
Have always wanted to get one but don't have the space.  Although Mel does!!

(Mel,) Picture these painted black against the wall where the 6 pieces of art are and the small table underneath.  You could fill these with books, curiosities, photos. 
It would also bring some height to the room. 

Until next time.....

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  1. I love your ideas Crissi! Can I send you pictures of 2 of my windows that need window treatments and see what you think I should do on them? Thanks! I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! You are so awesome!!! Let's plan a get together SOON! Mel & I can come to Lex!