Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Foyer and Removable Wallpaper

I'm a big fan of wallpaper.  I've been considering wallpaper in my foyer and downstairs bathroom for quite a while now.  However with so many options, I know I would have a hard time choosing. 
This is how my foyer looks now:
Runner from West Elm

Chest from Norwalk, lamp from here on etsy, staffordshire dogs from here on Etsy and gold mirror from Another Man's Treasure, a local consignment shop.

8x10 black and white photos framed and hung in Pottery Barn frames.

I found the barley twist gate leg table at Room Service, another local consignment store. 

Painting is by Linda Monfort, she has a shop here on Etsy.  Piece of coral is from this shop on Etsy.

Upholstered stool from Ethan Allen, painting is from Sage Antiques on Winchester Rd.

Removable Wallpaper....I am ready to take the plunge!  (As soon as I can save up the money).  Look at this hallway and the chandelier!  This one is similar to the one I saw from Circa Who that I wanted to paint black and hang in my foyer! 

I just looked at it again and my baby already sold. sniffle.

This one, if solid black, would be a good second choice.

Removable wallpaper posted on Happy Day
FAQ answered here.

Second choice might be these darling ostrich:
This is Michelle Adams', editor for Lonny, living room

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  1. removable wallpaper? who knew! Your foyer is gorgeous! I love all your etsy stuff, especially the dogs!