Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finderskeepers Market

I found the cutest shop today!  And the best part??  I can walk to it!  Finderskeepers Market just opened around the corner from my house on Walton Ave. 
Their shop used to be in Mt. Sterling but when I spoke with one of the owners, he said most of their clientele traveled from Lexington.  So they moved to LexVegas.
Lucky for us!  
They carry furniture, accessories, the best candles I've ever smelled, textiles, artwork, vintage black & white photos, outdoor seating and more.  I fell in love with some modern chairs that were only $110/each.  And if I had the money, would have packed up all the wonderful scents and taken them with me.

Barn Owl Lamp

 Vintage Matador Poster

 Love the bird prints

They also have a blog, The New Victorian Ruralist.  




  1. I can't wait to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cool shop! Love the vintage poster!